Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

We are aware there is an environmentally link to cancer, and we want to do our part to reduce the use of materials that may contribute to this. Unfortunately, one step we are taking will mean changes to how members receive the program calendar.  To be fair, this is also a cost-saving effort to foster the well-being of the clubhouse community as a whole.  For more detailed information, please read a letter outlining this change from Executive Director Teddi Horvitz.  

Going Further

Taking just one step towards becoming more environmentally friendly simply isn’t enough.


Over the coming months we will be working to reduce our use of paper products in the kitchen.  This will likely mean asking a little more of the staff, volunteers, and members with respect to using and cleaning mugs, plates, and silverware. 



We all will need to make an added effort to recycle materials that are recyclable.  To make this a little easier, there will be clear instruction for what is and isn’t recyclable located in the kitchen.




This one might take a little more effort, and some help from our community.  Aside from purchasing the non-toxic cleaners that are available, what are other options available as DIY or homemade solutions (e.g., diluted white vinegar and lemon juice)? 


These are only a few options, there are many, many more.  Some of which we will be able to implement and some we may not be able to.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t try.  If you have suggestions for ways the clubhouse can continue becoming more environmentally friendly or you would like to help out, please email Mike at