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Clean Kitchen

 In an effort to become healthier, Our Clubhouse is making some changes to the kitchen. We will no longer have food or ingredients in the kitchen that contain the following:

 Artificial sweeteners  ~  Artificial colors

Artificial flavors  ~   Artificial preservatives

This does not mean that we will never serve “fun” foods at social events, but, as an organization that deals with cancer, we believe it is our responsibility to move toward a healthier kitchen and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle. We will provide “clean” recipes that will be readily available to you in the kitchen and will be adding a new monthly class about healthy foods. We ask that you do not bring anything that contains the above ingredients into the kitchen.

This will be a work-in-progress and learning experience for all of us, so please bear with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Teddi at 412-338-1919 or


Join us for a Wednesday Supper

Meet others affected by cancer, share a meal with good people, and get a chance to tour the clubhouse and learn about our activities.  

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