Child Life Specialist

Child Life Specialists are trained professionals with expertise in helping children and their families overcome life’s most challenging events.

Armed with a strong background in child development and family systems, Child Life Specialists promote effective coping through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities. They provide emotional support for families, and encourage positive development of children facing a broad range of challenging experiences, particularly those related to healthcare and hospitalization. 

Because they understand that a child’s well-being depends on the support of the family, Child Life Specialists provide information, support and guidance to parents, siblings, and other family members.

They also play a vital role in educating caregivers, administrators, and the general public about the needs of children under stress. 

Our Clubhouse offers families the unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Child Life Specialist so they may receive customized care.

If you are interested in individual family support with a Child Life Specialist, please contact Abby at

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